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For those of us sick of seeing the Twilight commercials (and tired of being sucked into the phenomenon!):


Election Day

“I reject a politics that is based solely on racial identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or victimhood generally. I think much of what ails the inner city involves a breakdown in culture that will not be cured by money alone, and that our values and spiritual life matter at least as much as our GDP.” – Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope

“There are greater pursuits than self-seeking. Glory is not a conceit. It is not a prize for being the most clever, the strongest, or the boldest. Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something greater than yourself.” – John McCain, Faith of My Fathers

As for my own election experience, I walked to the HUB on campus, with a newspaper and homework in hand, fully expecting to be in line for at least an hour. I had just gotten off the phone with my roommate, who had been in line for an hour and a half and still not gotten in the door at the church where she was voting. My other roommate had gotten up at 6:30 and waited in line for 45 minutes. So I got to the HUB and walked through the masses of campaigners outside, trying to offer me flyers and pamphlets and even towels for whichever candidate they supported. I fought my way into the voting hall and scanned the lines until I found the one for my precinct.

It was empty.

So I walked through the maze of dividers until I got to the table, waited for the one person in front of me to finish signing his name, then got my ballot and voted. Total wait time: approximately 30 seconds.

Now go vote, and don’t forget your free cup of Starbucks coffee today!