Daily Archives: December 26, 2008

Photography: Smoke and Fire

There’s a chance of thunderstorms in Pennsylvania in the next few days, thanks to the strangely warm weather. So why not break up the holiday-themed posts with some impressive thundering pictures as well?


A supercell that became a Tornadic vortex signature lights up the night sky with lightning over Amarillo, Texas, May 6, 2008. (Gene Blevins/Reuters)


Lightning bolts appear above and around the Chaiten volcano as seen from Chana, some 19 miles north of the volcano, as it began its first eruption in thousands of years, in southern Chile May 2, 2008. Cases of electrical storms breaking out directly above erupting volcanoes are well documented, although scientists differ on what causes them.  (Carlos Gutierrez/Reuters)

Source: MSNBC Photoblog

Happy Boxing Day!

Source: flowingdata.com