Daily Archives: April 25, 2009

An 11-link post

It’s been a while, hasn’t it, folks? I’ve been so busy with my thesis for the past month that any and all websites I found interesting where bookmarked and immediately forgotten about. This morning I finally got around to sorting through all of them, which I think was upwards of 50 bookmarks. At least. Anyway, the final result is that I have 11 I think you’ll find interesting:

1. From The Guardian: “Galaxy’s centre tastes of raspberries and smells of rum, says astronomers”

Astronomers searching for the building blocks of life in a giant dust cloud at the heart of the Milky Way have concluded that it tastes vaguely of raspberries.

The unanticipated discovery follows years of work by astronomers who trained their 30m radio telescope on the enormous ball of dust and gas in the hope of spotting complex molecules that are vital for life.

Finding amino acids in interstellar space is a Holy Grail for astrobiologists, as this would raise the possibility of life emerging on other planets after being seeded with the molecules.

2. Cool Earth Solar

On Thursday, an alumni from my department came in to speak to us about this company that he’s founded. The presentation that he gave us was really remarkeable and I don’t think the website does it justice. It’s a great project with an amazing amount of potential. And, for the good of our planet, I hope that it works!

3. Dictionary app for the iPod Touch/iPhone

One of the best things about my MacBook Pro is the built-in dictionary application. And now, if you’re like me and constantly questioning your spelling, you can get a free version for your iPod Touch or iPhone!

4. A photo from the Kewsick Mountain Festival:

Caption: Diners are served an alfresco meal at the summit of Latrigg, in England’s Lake District, as part of the Keswick Mountain Festival [Link]

5. National Geographic’s New Infinite Photograph:

6. Time Warp videos! This is an excellent show on the Discovery Channel, which takes everyday (or not-so-everyday) activities and phenomenons and films them in super-slow motion using high-speed cameras. I’m using the skateboard video for my Failure Analysis presentation on Monday, but I think my favorite is the video of wet dogs shaking.

7. Future Me – Send emails to your future self! I think I’ll send one to be delivered five years from now, reminding me how hard my thesis actually was. 🙂

8. Clark Little’s photographs of waves – These are absolutely the best photographs of ocean waves that you will ever see. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

9. Footplay: The Soccer Project – This is a really cool concept, and it looks like it’s going to turn out to be a great project.

Footplay is the story of Luke and Gwendolyn, two former college soccer stars who couldn’t quite make it to the pros. They’re twenty-five-years-old. A couple that met on the field, he now works for a billboard company and she’s an aspiring writer. But they’re not ready to be done with the game they’ve always played. So Luke quits his job, Gwen puts her book on hold, and they take off, in search of pick-up games: impromptu contests that happen anywhere, between anyone. Footplay is a feature-length documentary that follows their adventures around the world and tells the stories of the people they meet through the game.

10. The World Cup at Beaver Stadium? – Unbelievable, but it would be unbelievably awesome!

The U.S. bid committee hoping to stage soccer’s World Cup in 2018 or 2022 sent initial letters last week to public officials and stadium operators of 70 potential sites, including Penn State’s Beaver Stadium.

Sixty-five stadiums have a capacity above 60,000, including 20 above 80,000. Among the stadiums listed was Beaver Stadium, the nation’s largest with a capacity of 107,282 but has never hosted a pro soccer match.

11. And finally, the Biblical Curse Generator – purely fun.