Spring music recs

The blossoms are starting to fall, the trees are all turning green, tulips are fading and ducklings are growing into ducks… Spring is starting to turn into Summer. So before it all ends, I’ve got a batch of music recs that remind me of Spring in some way.

1. KT Tunstall “If Only” – The video for this song is in the snow, but it was always playing at the fitness center in Leeds last Spring, so I associate it with this time of year. Plus the lyrics are uplifting and inspiring, which fits the season pretty well.

2. Bon Iver “Skinny Love” – I listened to a lot of Bon Iver while I was in the final days of my thesis last month, because he’s so relaxing and makes it easy to concentrate. This is one of my favorite Bon Iver songs, and when I was looking for a youtube video of it to post here, I found a Take Away Show! I’ve expressed my love for the blogotheque guys in the past, because their settings are so unique and intimate. I never get tired of looking at the Take Away Shows, and I hope they keep making them for years to come.

3. Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal” – Okay, so I’m guilty of a including a Winter song. But this was just released a little while ago and it’s quite beautiful, so I felt that I had to share it with you. It makes me want to listen to the Fleet Foxes much more often.

4. Jose Gonzalez “Fold” – Jose Gonzalez is another artist that I discovered last spring. “Fold” isn’t necessarily my favorite song, but this is a Take Away Show and it’s extremely well done. He’s got an amazing voice and a real talent for creating beautiful, simple music.

5. Elbow “One Day Like This” – Definitely a good Spring/Summer song. I saw this when I was in the Fitness Center at Leeds last year, too. The video is genius, and the song never gets old. I have yet to find someone who doesn’t like this song, so if you try it I think you’ll love it!

6. Will Smith “Summertime” – Classic Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. Need I say more? Just make sure you watch the video, ’cause it’s real old school and pretty fantastic.


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