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Tucson Sunset HDR

Tucson Sunset HDR, originally uploaded by pishkinn.

Monsoon season is finally in full swing, and that means that desert sunsets are looking mighty impressive. Next time I’ll remember my tripod.


Youth Olympic Winter Games

I ran across a news article other day that was discussing the upcoming Youth Winter Olympic Games. You haven’t heard of them either? That’s because they haven’t started yet. The set-up is the same as the current Olympics: every 4 years, and staggered between summer and winter games. The idea has been around for a few years, but they approved it in 2007.

The first summer games will be in 2010, in Singapore. 170 countries expected to participate (with at least four athletes each). They will contest all 26 sports that are held in the current Olympics, but they will limit the number of disciplines and events in each sport. For example, water polo and synchronized swimming will be left out of aquatics. The first winter games will be held in 2012 in Innsbruck, Austria. They are undecided on which sports should be included, but the total will be seven.

What surprised me most is that there will be no national flags or anthems. During medal ceremonies, they will present only the Olympic flag and the Olympic anthem in order to de-emphasize international competition. That sounds great, but isn’t half the fun of the Olympics rooting for your team?


Miniature video

You may watch this video and ask yourself how they managed to pull off such an elaborate scene with tiny little people and props and landscapes. But the secret is that all of this scenery is real-life and full-size.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The trick? Tilt-shift lenses that create a shallow depth-of-field. I’ve seen plenty of photography examples before, but it’s the videos that are really amazing.

Found via Mental Floss.

A New City

By the way, this where I live now:

Picture 1You can check out the full version here.

Life is like…



IOC Recommends Sevens

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has proposed that two new sports be added to the Olympics: golf, and rugby sevens. The final decision will be made in October, and if approved, the sports will be added to the 2016 Olympics (to be held in Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro). What other sports did golf and rugby beat out? Baseball, karate, roller sports, softball and squash. I think it would have been interesting to see squash in the Olympics, but I’m sure glad that rugby beat out “roller sports” – whatever that means. Rollerskating? Rollerblading? Skateboarding? [source]

Rugby sevens was chosen over rugby fifteens, which is the more common form of rugby union (rugby league is also an entirely different variation). As the name suggests, rugby sevens has only 7 players instead of the usual 15. The game is significantly shorter and has two 7-minute halves instead of the usual 40-minute halves. Scrums use only 3 players instead of 8, but the scoring still remains the same and the fewer number of players often makes it easier to learn how rugby union is played. You can read more about rugby sevens here.