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Playlist: Summer 2011

Playlist: Summer 2011

OneRepublic – “Good Life”
Skee-Lo – “I Wish”
Coldplay – “Ever Teardrop is a Waterfall”
Yuck – “The Wall”
Dr. Dog – “Black-Red”
Sara Bareilles – “Uncharted”
Amos Lee – “Windows Are Rolled Down”
Everest – “Let Go”

Click here to listen to the playlist over at There’s a limit on the number of songs you can skip per hour (I think it’s 3 songs), so keep that in mind.


Massachusetts (and Maine)

I’ve been knee-deep in boxes for the past few days, but I set aside some time to work through a year’s worth of photos (and as usual, it took a lot longer than expected). Here’s a quick summary of the year I spent in New England — I tried to model it on this collage I did of my year in Arizona, but I had a much harder time narrowing down my photos so it’s a bit longer and more dense.

Click on each section to see it full-size. Enjoy!